Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yo Son!

Good to get all this PETA out of the way.
Also good to get involved with some fun stuff here in Seattle. This Saturday up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, we will be feeding the masses to help celebrate the one year anniversary of a small, shoe and t-shirt business that focuses on hard-to-find and limited release sneakers.

We love tourists, man do we love them. But locals are great people too and when we team up with things happening here in Seattle, it really makes a difference for us. After all the hollering and throwing, we do have lives here (some of us) in this great city and enjoy our place in the community. We're happy when we have loyal, local customers who bypass the crowds and happy when they invite us to be part of what they're doing; in this case a one year anniversary of their sneaker boutique. If you're in town, head up Pike street for some grub and beats at Rock, Paper Scissors!

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