Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Created From Nothing

John Yokoyama, owner of Pike Place Fish: "Scotty, it took me a long time to warm up to the internet, and I still don't quite get it all, but if this "blog"will help us tell the world who we are and what we do, why not!"

Seriously, did you ever think a bunch of guys who work in rubber boots, have hands of sand paper and generate more chiropractic paperwork than the hunchback of Notre Dame would begin a blog!?

We thought rather than barraging your email boxes with our ramblings, we'd put it out there to the world and see what sticks. Our plan is to post evidence of what we're generating and creating for ourselves here at Pike Place Fish. We're world famous because of our commitment to creating energy from nothing and this blog will show you how. We're consistently amazed at how that shows up on a daily basis at 86 Pike Place and we wanted you all to see it too.
Be prepared for pictures, updates on the fishes, and who knows what else. We sure as heck don't know but happy to be taking Pike Place Fish to new places everyday.

Now to tell you the truth, this is more time in front of a computer than any of us are willing to devote right now, so thanks for reading the intro and we hope you continue to return and read up on us. The July BBQs are calling which means grills in need of salmon and picnic tables in need of crabs so call us or stop by to get the best summer cookout supplies that the Northwest has to offer! Heeeeyyyyaaaah!

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