Saturday, August 23, 2008

Everybody has to Eat!

Leaving the Seahawks in 2008 as their all-time leading rusher with 9,429 yards and 100 touchdowns, Shaun Alexander has been a staple for the rainy city. From Kentucky's "Mr. Football", a red-shirted year at Alabama, NFL awards, playoffs, superbowls and unfortunately injuries, Alexander has always had the 12th man as part of his being.

Not only is he a high profile athlete, but has always been a loyal Pike Place Fish customer. We can't tell you how gracious we are as a company and as individuals for the tourist presence, but sometimes it's the locals who can make big differences for us as Seattle residents.

I know Shaun had his share of salmon and crab over the years but the one who really reaped the benefits of his fish market patronage is his mother in Kentucky.
"He ships fish to his mom all the time, I think it's awesome when he comes down to the market," says shipping manager Jeremy.

Always rolling in style on Autumn Sundays by Qwest Field, eight year fishmonger Anders says "I'm a season ticket holder man, it's rad to see him behind the counter. And not just hangin' out, he's buying fish!"

For me and my athlete starcrossings at 86 Pike Place, I found myself screaming about the Seahawks, then catching a halibut draped in a New Orleans Saints jersey that I quickly spiked on the ground, piled on top of and then shredded. I then realized it was not only the jersey of Saints Quarterback Drew Brees that I shredded, but Brees himself actually watching me from the crowd and jokingly shaking his head. I'm not one to offend men bigger than me, so I graciously shook his hand, asked for an autograph.........and sheepishly tell my story while not mentioning the hawks loss the next day.

Either way, I know we all appreciate what Shaun Alexander has given Seattle and to see him go gives us a bit of sadness. Turns out athletes make a bit of money too, so we like selling them fish when we can. Good luck Shaun wherever football or life takes you, call us when your mom runs out again!

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