Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now What?

Similar to many Americans asking this question with our new president-elect, we fishmongers have been dealing with this question about ourselves. Although, this is on our main website, I thought I'd put it here to be timely I guess. We all need the reminders right?
Recently, we realized that we’d accomplished our vision to become world famous. Once we committed to our vision, things seemed to kind of naturally open up and show us the way and provide opportunities to fulfill our vision. We kept stepping into the opportunities, and we did it - we became world famous! But then we had a problem because once you’ve fulfilled a vision, you have to either sit around, rest on your laurels, get fat-headed and arrogant, or you generate a bigger vision.

So, we asked ourselves, ‘Now what?’ We began to wonder. And we created a new vision. Now our vision is ‘World Peace, an idea whose time has come.’ How are we going to accomplish this? We don’t know fully yet. It will unfold as we go…When you take a stand and commit to something, it’s amazing how the world seems to line up with your commitment and all the right events seem to just happen…”

For now, it's on our hats and I know for me, it's a whole new beast when you literally see it on our gear.
World Peace, peace through fish, world famous with a purpose. All sounds good to me!

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