Tuesday, June 9, 2009

wow PETA

"no comment" says four year fishmonger Ryan Rector as a member of the Associated Press walks by. Usually we see cameras here for tourist film roll or maybe an obscure commercial or just a picture or two for an upcoming sports event.......but today apparently we're all just bad people for doing what our mothers always told us not to: throw our food.

We're having fun and we respect the stuff we sell (why wouldn't we, it pays our living!).
Check it out and please provide your own candid comments for our lovely Komo4 News!

Here is one choice member's words:
"Hey PETA: I often toss live mussels and clams into a pot with some clam broth, vegetables and seasoning, crank up the heat, wait for all the tiny screams to stop and then eat them.

Sue me. "

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Anonymous said...

Seriously guys, when the Associated Press comes by, double the tossing and the yelling, even if there's no one there.

I double dog dare you to throw some live ones.

Give PETA the proverbial single fingered salute that way...