Thursday, March 11, 2010

the foundation

Morning setups at Pike Place can take many forms. Our game is to be done and ready to go by 8am (new ice, rotation of product, new signs, etc...). We could just show up and go through the motions hoping that happens, but we don't. We huddle every day and discuss our intention; our commitment to the day as a foundation. It's an opportunity to get present with yourself and get present with your team. If something is on my mind keeping me from being with the day, I'll tell everyone (or get over it!). It may look the same and my actions may be the same, but I've never done it before this way today. This foundation doesn't just happen, it takes intention and it takes everyone being part of that "setup by 8" game.

Today was one of those unique days in that it wasn't the same crew standing around at 6:29 awaiting a huddle. It wasn't the coffee cup on the counter with talk of the Seahawks latest move, or a smoke on the sidewalk to exhale before work. Today had 20some high school students with shovels in their hands telling us about their Business club in St. Michael's Minnesota.

A couple things happen on days like this. I'm standing in Starbucks across the street with my coffee telling the barista about the crowd that has suddenly formed around my work. I really wanted a normal morning, I really wanted to shoot the shit about what I saw on Sportscenter, and I really am not pumped about all the cameras and onlookers awaiting the "show" at Pike Place Fish. Key to getting over this is knowing I have a choice. I need to get whether I'm going to stay in hiding mode and pretend I don't notice this massive group of kids who have read our books, watched our video and are here for an experience. I can be ordinary.

I can also embrace the fact that I just got 20 extra pairs of hands to help me get my shop setup by 8. The game isn't changed, it just has new players.
These kids don't have expectations, they don't want something specific from me, they're simply here. So as soon as that grumbling in my head begins and says to be ordinary, wanting a "normal" day and disengaged from what's present.......I snap out of it and enjoy an opportunity for a different foundation to my day. I walk out of Starbucks into the rain (ahhh, a cleanse from my negativity! ha!) and begin to find out why these kids and teachers are here and maybe what we can do to start our days with a new experience.

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