Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm going to jail

June 8th is a day we may all celebrate. It's the day I go to jail. That's right, jail.

I am going to show up at work at 6:30 and go about my day until "sometime in the afternoon", a group of people are going to arrest me and take me to Qwest Field and lock me up. To post bail, I'm raising money for the Seattle Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

This is an organization here in King County that Pike Place Fish has partnered with in the past. Last year, our own 25 year veteran Sam Samson went behind the bars and this year, it's gonna be me! I kicked off the donations, but please help us provide the healthcare and support for those affected by muscular dystrophy. This page is where you can donate to our push to bust me out of jail:

91 cents of every dollar I raise actually stays local to provide medical services and fund research in Seattle. Can you help me reach my goal of $5001 by funding one of the services provided for the 600 MDA clients in King County?

MDA funds go directly to research, health care services and education.

* $30 pays for a flu shot for someone for whom respiratory disease could be very dangerous
* $74 pays for one minute of research at University of Washington Medical Center and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
* $100 covers a vital support group meeting
* $150 provides for an expert consultation in physical, occupational or respiratory therapy
* $200 covers a diagnostic workup at one of MDA's 235 clinics
* $500 covers the cost for annual repairs of durable medical equipment- wheelchair, leg braces or communication device
* $800 sends a kid to MDA summer camp

If so, you can donate on my secure website:

OR, I can accept cash and checks made out to MDA to bring with me to “jail” at the Qwest Field on June 8th.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Donations to MDA provide help and hope in many ways:

  • Clinics - expert specialized medical care
  • Research - cutting-edge investigation into treatments and cures
  • Support - help obtaining equipment and coping with challenges
  • Camp - a barrier-free week of fun, friendship and laughter for kids

And so much more - visit for information on how MDA makes a difference to people around the country and in your community.

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