Friday, April 24, 2009

fishing for new media

although the resistance from some here at Pike Place Fish to throw some money at that thing they call the "internet" way back when was quite high.......we're diving back in for technology. The blog was one thing, but now you can even find us on facebook and twitter ("fishguys"). We like beers after work, we like our rough hands and now in the vein of change in 2009, we like the computer!

We're all about experience here and for those that can't come to the market in Seattle, we want to do our best to deliver the experience of being here to you. The kids are using facebook and twitter, so why the hell not right? There you can follow us just like here but even better, you can add your own content like pictures, links, comments and all kinds of good stuff.

Stay up with the times, maybe some day we'll all have phones buried in our wrists and all we have to do is think about fish and it'll appear but for now, we're gonna stick to what we know and explore the new stuff to see if it's worth it. Let us know!

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