Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World Famous Globetrotters

Although we as fishmongers have traveled the world with our "antics" and message of joy, fun, peace and presence.....we are but minor players when set next to a group like the Harlem Globetrotters. A mere 82 years are under their belt as "Ambassadors of goodwill" on this planet. We like a lot of things here at the market but combining forces with like minded people can't get much better. We like attention, they like attention, I won't lie and say there wasn't a bit of a struggle for the spotlight that day. That and a whole heck of a lot of yelling, positive energy and smiles around.

As they tour the northwest hitting Seattle (Key Arena Saturday April 25th) and some other spots in British Columbia, they will take their energy, fun and basketball skills to anyone and everyone. Last week, that included us at Pike Place Market and on King5 news the next morning.
Cameras, kids, and a special appearance from Globetrotter legend Fred "Curly" Neal made that day a special one for us all. All of us had our special memories of Curly we wanted to share with him (I mean, this guy goes waaaay back!). He's played over 6,000 games in 97 countries and just happened to pencil us in, awesome! Also, it appears, he may just be more bald than our shipping manager Jeremy.

Also in attendance was Big Easy Lofton who helped display yet another use for King Crab legs (nice try Scott, but you're just an amateur).

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